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PMA Letter to POTUS on Next IRS Commissioner

July 13, 2022

President Joseph R. Biden 
The White House 
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W. 
Washington, DC 20500 

July 13, 2022 

RE: Nomination for next Commissioner of Internal Revenue 

Dear President Biden: 

On behalf of the Professional Managers Association – the non-profit professional association that has, since 1981, represented professional managers, management officials, and non-bargaining unit employees at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) – I write with urgency regarding Presidentially-appointed and Senate-confirmed leadership at the IRS. Specifically, PMA writes you today to encourage the vetting, selection, and announcement of your nominee to be the next Commissioner of Internal Revenue well in advance of the November 12, 2022 conclusion of Commissioner Charles P. Rettig’s term. Based on the challenges of the last several acting IRS Commissioners, PMA is concerned what may occur with the IRS amidst a gap in confirmed leadership. 

PMA feels strongly that Commissioner Rettig has been one of the Service’s best chiefs and advocates for the IRS and its dedicated workforce. The Commissioner’s deep career experience as a leader in tax administration uniquely prepared him for success in this role. Commissioner Rettig’s dedication to the IRS workforce, to the agency’s mission, to the tax community, and to the nation, has been inspirational to our members. 

Most importantly, Commissioner Rettig consistently demonstrated calm, competent, and accountable leadership of the Service to policymakers on Capitol Hill through the passage of generational tax reforms and over two years of a global health pandemic. While the Service’s mission continued to expand to meet the needs of the nation and presumably will into the future, PMA believes having a confirmed IRS Commissioner in place to advocate for the funding, resources, and certainty required to deliver on promises made to taxpayers is essential. 

It is no secret that the IRS has been under tremendous strain to deliver its ever-expanding missions for more than a decade. The Congress has slashed the Service’s budget by over 20%, reduced headcount more, and has been unable to pass timely appropriations to provide stability and certainty for necessary agency infrastructure and technology investments. 

Ensuring the IRS continues to have a confirmed Commissioner in place is absolutely critical to maintaining the positive momentum and direction of the Service. 

Thank you for considering PMA’s perspective. 


Chad Hooper 
Executive Director 

CC: Gautam Raghavan, Assistant to the President and Director, Office of Presidential Personnel 
       Hon. Janet Yellen, Secretary of the Treasury 
       Hon. Charles Rettig, Commissioner of Internal Revenue 

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