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PMA Press Release 052120- Support of Returning to Work Policies

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PMA statement on Returning to Work

Covid19 concerns - Financial Information

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Welcome to our PMA Home Page and Web Site.

We are a dedicated IRS manager and management official (active and retired federal) association. Over the past 38 years we have expanded to advocate and support several federal departments and agencies. The focus of our organization is to be a voice for all managers, management officials and other non-bargaining unit employees.

We provide feedback to politicians on legislation that may impact our membership. We also communicate with leadership on good government issues and other management problems. Our members represent a vast diversity, yet our voice is singular.

PMA membership is rather inexpensive during these hard financial times.

For about 25 cents a day ($3.50 a pay period) an active/current manager, management assistance or other non-bargaining employees can reap the benefits of PMA membership. Benefits range from this web site (and its members only area) to discounts at various businesses to simply being part of a community with common goals.

Serving as the voice of federal IRS managers and management officials