PMA Chapters

The Professional Managers Association is active in all of the locations and agencies listed below and in many more where members belong without Chapter affiliation. Please contact if you are interested in forming a local chapter.

Chapter 4
Fresno, CA
Chapter 7
Jacksonville, FL
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Washington, DC
Chapter 14
Kansas City & St. Louis, MO and KS
Chapter 16
Cleveland, OH
Chapter 17
Covington Campus
Chapter 18
Atlanta, GA
Chapter 20
Brookhaven, Long Island, NY
Chapter 22
Memphis, TN
Chapter 23
Chapter 28
Lone Star Chapter, Austin, TX
Chapter 31
Cincinnati, OH
Chapter 32
Buffalo, NY
Chapter 33
Ogden, UT
Chapter 36
Denver, CO
Chapter 39
Middle Florida
Chapter 40
Chapter 43
St. Louis, MO
Chapter 44
Detroit, MI
Chapter 54
South Florida
Chapter 55
Puerto Rico
Chapter 91
Seattle, WA