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PMA@40 Keynote Presentation & Other Updates

June 4, 2021
PMA@40 Keynote Presentation

Thank you to all our members who were able to join us on Thursday as we kicked off our 40th anniversary celebration. Astronaut Mike Massimino spoke with IRS managers about his experiences leading and working in isolation as he repaired the Hubble Space Telescope. For those members who were unable to attend, please click here to view a recording of the session.

PMA Welcomes New Sponsors WAEPA and ABX

As we continue our efforts to broaden our base of sponsors and give our members more support throughout their careers, we are happy to announce new partnerships with Gold-level sponsor WAEPA and Silver-level sponsor ABX. Stay tuned for presentations by both firms so you can learn more about what they have to offer! World Assurance for Employees of Public Agencies (WAEPA) offers group term life insurance for Federal workers as well as coverage for chronic illnesses. Click here to learn more. You can view a brief video about WAEPA by clicking here. American Benefits Exchange (ABX) offers complimentary assistance navigating Federal benefits, retirement, and more for our members. Click here to learn more. You can view a brief video about ABX by clicking here.

PMA Applauds President's Proposed Investment in IRS

PMA applauds President Biden for requesting a 10.4% increase in IRS funding from FY21 levels. Additional funding is absolutely critical to ensuring the IRS can accomplish its mission as the single largest revenue source for the entire Federal government. Put simply, adequate funding for the IRS underpins every other policy objective the Biden-Harris Administration has proposed.

PMA also appreciates the proposed 2.7% pay raise for all Federal workers. Ensuring Federal employees are well compensated ensures the Federal workforce is able to recruit and retain top talent against the increasingly competitive pay of the private sector.

Unfortunately, even the proposed increase in funding would not return the IRS to the funding levels necessary for the Service to implement critical modernization initiatives and ensure the equitable delivery of taxpayer services. While short term funding increases are appreciated, PMA urges Congress to commit to more sustainable, long-term funding.

In our recent letter to Congressional appropriators, PMA outlined three critical points:
-Funding increases are necessary to ensure the equitable enforcement of tax laws and delivery of taxpayer services;
-Consistent funding increases are necessary to modernize the IRS technology functions to meet taxpayer needs; and
-Funding increases are necessary to meet the evolving missions of the IRS.

For these reasons, PMA continues to press for a reformed, multi-year budgeting process for the IRS. Only with consistent funding increases can the Service meet taxpayer needs and ensure it has the ability to respond quickly to national crisis. We will continue to urge Congress to acknowledge the long term needs of the IRS and provide multi-year budgets to truly address the needs of the Service.

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