Protecting Your Federal Benefits in Divorce

August 12, 2021

As the divorce rate in the U.S. continues to rise, federal employees and retirees are affected, just like any other segment of the population. However, there are a number of special considerations for Feds going through divorce and many family law attorneys are not familiar with CSRS/FERS, nor do they clearly understand the federal rules related to federal retirement benefits in divorce cases. As an active or retired federal employee, you’ll want to know how these rules apply to you. Join our friends at NARFE on August 12 from 2-4PM Eastern as Jessica Markham, attorney at law and author of “Representing Federal Employees in Divorce, a Practical Guide,” discusses key aspects of the federal retirement system and the impact of a divorce on your benefits. Attendees will learn how federal benefits are divided in a divorce and what factors to consider in the division of assets. Not a NARFE member? No problem - non-members can attend for $48. Register and learn more.

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