Planning For Your Future: What To Know About Annuities

February 17, 2022

Our members' most common hesitation in thinking about retirement is how to maximize their savings and guarantee lifetime income. Join PMA's financial advisor, Wade Guemmer, for a complimentary webinar to review how some annuities might be a way to achieve your planning goals. Wade will also share some tips on how to protect your investments right now given the market's recent uncertainty.

This webinar will cover:
-Different types of annuities, including TSP
-Pros and cons of investing in annuities
-Features and benefits of variable annuities
-Irrevocable plans vs. plans with 100% liquidity
-Death benefits annuities provide for your family
-Some additional strategies you can take to minimize your investment risks in the very near term

The webinar will be hosted live via Zoom on Thursday, February 17th at 3PM Eastern. Registration is free for all PMA members. To RSVP for this event, please e-mail Wade.

PMA recommends attending Zoom presentations using your personal device for the best experience.

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