Introducing the Office of Technical Assistance

June 9, 2022

Are you retired or planning to retire? Are you currently, or were you ever, in leadership role? Have you or someone you know worked in Criminal Investigation? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then you won't want to miss this webinar!

On Thursday, June 9th from 2PM-3PM Eastern, PMA will host Leslie Lehrkinder and Rachel Irmen from the Treasury Department's Office of Technical Assistance (OTA). You will learn more about the Revenue Policy section and Economic Crimes Team, and how former IRS leaders and investigators are often a perfect fit for these unique opportunities.

What is OTA? The Office helps finance ministries and central banks of developing and transitioning countries strengthen their ability to manage public finances effectively and safeguard their financial sectors. You can help reduce a nation's reliance on foreign aid by providing coaching and sharing knowledge you accumulated over your careers.

Come and learn more about PMA's newest partner and see what opportunities await you in the next chapter of your career. Register today!

This free event will be hosted on Zoom. PMA recommends attending using your personal device for the best experience.

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