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Guide To Investing In An Election Year

8 Things You Should Know About Credit Reports and Scores


List of colleges that give federal employees discounts on tuition - click here

Financial Information for those you leave behind - click here

Legal Service -  - free 30 minute telephone consultation on any federal employment matter.  Send an email to (include your name, that you are a PMA member and your phone number during working hours) or Call 202-643-8400 and ask for the 30 minute consultation for PMA Members. They will verify your PMA membership and call you back.

Professional Liability Insurance (PLI)  - If you are not covered or need information on how to receive your 50% government reimbursement, see the member Benefits Tab for more information

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Information from Our Certified Financial Planner

Wade Guemmer, CFP, has been advising federal employees on retirement and benefits for over 22 years. More Information on Wade Guemmer


Benefits that Wade provides to PMA Members including a free consultation of your complete financial situation. Contact Wade Guemmer at 816-229-5948 or

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Understanding the TSP Modernization Act Part 2

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TSP Modernization Act

Life Insurance with Long Term care   lifeinswithltcare

What is a Charter Underwriter?

How secure is Social Security?

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Estate Planning 101

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Federal Employees and Medicare

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