Message from the Executive Director

The Professional Managers Association is celebrating its 39th birthday this year. Since December 1981, when this organization was started by IRS managers for IRS managers, PMA has been working for you. After 39 years, we are still working for you. PMA now also encourages management assistants and other NBU eligible employees to join PMA for access to our membership’s unique workplace benefits. Now more than ever we need you to help us help you. Every day there is another attack on federal employees, their pay, or their benefits. The rhetoric from the politicians is constant: reduce the number of federal employees; reduce federal employee pay, they are paid too much; reduce federal employee benefits, they get too much; reduce federal pensions, they are too high; and eliminate their pay increases, they don't need it. The negativity toward federal employees is at an all-time high. Yet day in and day out federal managers in the IRS and other agencies continue to do their job well. That is why PMA fights against the negative noise to advocate for our members and provide them with important benefits.

PMA members receive important benefits including discounts on professional liability insurance and Geico insurance, scholarship opportunities and grant programs, free legal consultations on employment matters, and financial assistance during times of need. Last year, during our country’s unprecedented government shutdown, PMA provided direct financial relief for our members. No matter how the political tide or national narrative turns against federal employees, PMA never will. Additionally, PMA understands that the IRS alone is responsible for funding a majority of the U.S. government. We know that reducing the number of federal employees or their pay and benefits will not improve our nation’s financial situation. On the contrary, it will make these situations far worse. That is why PMA is the voice of NBU employees on Capitol Hill. PMA’s legislative affairs team works directly with lawmakers, within federal employee coalitions, and with the Administration to defend IRS employee pay and benefits and advocate for the Service’s interests.

So, what can you do to join the fight? Join PMA by going to our website at If you are already a member, go out and recruit one of your fellow managers, management assistants or an NBU employee. All are eligible to join PMA and for $3.50 a pay period or $91 a year, it's an inexpensive way for you to have a voice in what happens. I hope you join the hundreds of other folks that have decided to add their voice to PMA.


Tom Burger, Executive Director, PMA